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Aging Connections offers Medicare counseling and review sessions to assist Medicare beneficiaries in the extremely complex task of getting the most from your Medicare benefits.


For individuals who are going to be new to Medicare, we can help you understand deadlines, compare plans and navigate enrollment. For existing Medicare beneficiaries, we can help you review your current and next years plan in order to make a decision on what will best fit your needs. We can help new and existing Medicare beneficiaries make sure their current providers and services are covered under their plan choice.


We can assist with all Medicare approved plans including:

  • Medicare A & B 

  • Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

  • Medicare Prescription Plans (Part D)

  • MediGap or Supplemental Plans

  • We also can help compare Employee Coverage Plans

Pricing: Our Medicare Counseling Session is $300 for a three hour session. This includes any phone and computer consultation time. Any time required beyond the three hour session is charged in 15 minute increments at $100.00 per hour.


Aging Connections employees are trained directly by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Missouri State Health Insurance Assistance Program (CLAIM) so we can provide competent and unbiased guidance.


Aging Connections employees are not licensed insurance agents and do not endorse any specific plans or companies.


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